The Lilies of the Field.

I was walking home this evening very deep in thought. I was feeling anxious (still am) about my future, and whether or not I am doing well in my life. I picked some Pomegranates, and continued to walk. I came across this tree that I’ve walked past many times, but never took the time to look at it extensively. I thought it was an Oleander bush, but it wasn’t. I smelt the blossoms and touched their petals. This is one of the prettiest bushes (second to the Crape Myrtle) I’ve seen in Tempe, Arizona. As I was taking in the beauty of this magnificent bush, I noticed a bee flying around visiting the lower blossoms. We all know by now, that I absolutely adore bees. I found myself saying out loud to the Universe, “please make this bee come up higher to some of these blossoms.” With that, I waited and waited, saw a beautiful butterfly, and then this little bee. I was so happy to see this bee diving for nectar, I started to choke up a bit. I’m still emotional over seeing this bee do what bees do. I genuinely enjoy moments like this. Being with Mother Nature and her creatures are truly spiritual moments for me. I am so happy to be sharing my happiness with you in the form of a picture or more. Today, I understand what Christ and so many other teachers before him, meant when they said to live in the present moment. It was in the present moment, that I learned something about myself and am now openly confessing to it. I am a sensitive being. And I am going to love and accept that about myself in the here and now.  I’m also reminded that it is living in the present moment that we are able to find true joy, peace, and happiness. Being in the present moment is all that matters, because everything else is a distraction and an illusion. It was being in the present moment that I remembered, everything is going to be all right in the end. The past is gone and the future has yet to arrive, so why worry and be anxious. The lilies of the field and the sparrows never do. It is because they know they will always be taken care of, and so will I.

Love Always,

Inanna Roxanna Arnett

Who Am I to Be Saved on Judgement Day?

Who am I to be saved on judgement day? What’s so special about the way I worship. Why should I be saved and not my neighbor? Why should his or her heart stop beating and mine allowed to continue? Who’s to say the religion I was raised in, is the only way? I have no religion, other than to love my neighbors as myself. What’s the difference between my neighbor and I? Why should I be saved and not my neighbor, simply because they pray a different way? Should not the heart of every man and woman be taken into consideration and not their race, religion, or sexual orientation? The Divine is love! The Divine is not unkind as some would like to think. However, humans are unkind, kill, and shun what they consider to be improper, sinful, and unlikable. Who’s to say what “Gods work” really is? I say to humanity, let the Divine do the work deemed necessary, and together let’s focus more on loving our fellow humans.

Inanna Roxanna Arnett


Written not too long before I left the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Copyright October 14, 2017

Photographbelongs to me, Inanna Roxanna Photography.

Photagraph was taken at the Noble Library at Arizona State University, Tempe Campus.