Letting Go of Religion.

Yesterday I went to a Cathedral after attending classes at ASU. I like how silent it is inside of Cathedrals. The still silence can be really comforting and eerie at the same time. There is no silence like the silence inside a Cathedral. I usually sit in one of the back pews. However, because I wanted to observe Mass at a closer proximity, I sat in one of the pews at the very front of the Cathedral. I was early and Mass wouldn’t be starting for another 45 minutes. So, I sat in my pew and drew the Jesus (to the best of my ability) that was above the altar. As I was drawing, I told the Jesus on my paper, “just because I am drawing you, doesn’t mean I believe in you.” I kept drawing and drawing until the Priest finally walked up to the altar, and started giving his sermon. After his brief sermon, he performed Mass. As I observed the Parishioners and the Priest eating and drinking the body and blood of the so called “Christ”, I felt myself laughing inside at how absurd all of this was (by this, I mean religion). Religion prevents people from reaching their highest potential, by keeping their followers in a perpetual state of helplessness. Humans give their power away to these religions and beings that once existed. Can we even say for sure they existed? No, we can’t. To this day, there are no archaeological findings that say any of these beings existed. All we have are books, and books can and have changed a lot in 2,000 plus years. After Mass was over, I started walking home. As I was walking and thinking, I felt something stirring within my Spirit. I felt my Spirit was moving me to do something. After arriving home, I packed up all of my Hindu idols and Ganesha tapestry, and took them to the Hindu temple. Upon arriving at the temple I went in, honored the so called “gods”, said good bye to them, and walked out. I left the idols in a box for someone else who feels the “need” to use them, behind. I would enter this temple and any other religious building for the last time. The stirring in my Spirit was the need to let go of religion and past beliefs. No Church, Mosque, Synagogue, or Temple will have my feet gracing their doorways with my presence, for I am letting go of them all. No more limiting beliefs will keep me from evolving and expanding, for I am the one I have been looking for, and I am the treasure I have been looking for. This applies to every human, for it is their birthright. Sadly, many are failing to see their Universal given birthright. In fact, every creature has a birthright, simply because they exist. Religion may have been needed in the beginning (highly unlikely). However, we as humans are no longer in the beginning and so, there is no longer a need for religion. With that said, the time for religion has run out and the time for human evolution and expansion has arrived. The remaining question is, will you evolve and expand? Or will the time for you like religion, also run out?

Love Always,

Inanna Roxanna Arnett