Walking Contradiction

I’m a weird one.
Of course I am.
I was born a Gemini.
One body.
Two minds.
Two spirits.
Two personalities.
One twin is obedient.
The other unruly.
One is playful, naughty, and
Joyfully gregarious.
The other well, 
She’s impetuous, mental and 
so serious, with a resting bitch face.
It’s a difficult task.
Wearing two masks.
Believe me when I say.
I know when each of them come out.
I can only laugh.
When both randomly
decide the same day,
to come out and play.
There’s no way to 
Tell which one’s the real me.
They’re both the real me.
I’m a secret within a secret.
A walking contradiction.
Often confused.
I run in circles trying to be perfect.
Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett
© February 17, 2018