Walking Contradiction

I’m a weird one.
Of course I am.
I was born a Gemini.
One body.
Two minds.
Two spirits.
Two personalities.
One twin is obedient.
The other unruly.
One is playful, naughty, and
Joyfully gregarious.
The other well, 
She’s impetuous, mental and 
so serious, with a resting bitch face.
It’s a difficult task.
Wearing two masks.
Believe me when I say.
I know when each of them come out.
I can only laugh.
When both randomly
decide the same day,
to come out and play.
There’s no way to 
Tell which one’s the real me.
They’re both the real me.
I’m a secret within a secret.
A walking contradiction.
Often confused.
I run in circles trying to be perfect.
Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett
© February 17, 2018

Proverbs of My Heart

Hey Maha Deva.

There is a fire in my spirit.

My beloved Lord and Lover.

You’re the log

Fueling my flame.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Lounging at your feet.

Flushed with love.

I feel no shame.

Speaking the poverbs of my heart.

Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

© February 17, 2018

Girl Puppy Companion

Tickling my toes with the licks of her tongue. She loves to lick my face. I must say, I enjoy it too. I love my licky loo pooch and her dirt eating playful self. As she saunters around wiggling her canine hinney, I think to myself: ‘I’m in love with my girl puppy companion’. She loves being loved on, and I love loving on her. The first time I saw her, my heart gasped with love and the name Precious, fell out of my mouth. She is sweeter than sweet and spicier than spice. Yes, she is quite nice. With a fiery spirit, she captures hearts making them her prisoners. She’s beautiful, especially when she sleeps. Tan and white speckles her fur coat, and black kajol line her eyes and lips. It seems to me, God gave her natural makeup. I’m in love with my girl puppy companion. Sometimes, I think she’s in love with me too. My mind was suicidal and dark. It was perfect timing for God to bring her to me, and I to her. She was lost and homeless like I once was. Now she’s found, as I am too. I’m in love with my girl puppy companion. She has become a reason for me to keep live, bringing laughter and joy to my once dying spirit.

Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

**This was written at a time when I was very depressed. I was exiting a cult and was struggling with suicidal thoughts. I have since found a new loving home for Precious. She was definitely a light at the end of the tunnel in my life during that low period in my life.