Greatest of Companionship’s

Never have I felt

more secure, as I do

when in your company.

To your hiding place.

Carry me away, Lord Shiva.

Off into the sunset let us ride.

I don’t care what anyone says.

If you are a dream,

let me keep sleeping.

I will take this dream

over reality any day.

Lord Shiva.

Ascetic Emperor.

You are my reality.

Unwavering and abiding.

My heart is intensely yours.

I do love you;

redundantly so.

I readily surrender my

life force into the care of your

strong supportive hands.

Lord Shiva,

You are the Greatest of Companionship’s.


Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

© February 17, 2018


Author: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

My name is Inanna Roxanna Arnett. I love writing and I've been told I am good at it. Therefore, I thought this would be the perfect place to start. I mostly write poetry, and my poetry will consist of different topics. All poems and other writings are copyrighted and belong to me. With that said, welcome to my blog. I hope you take away something that will help you with your day to day lives.

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