White Cream

Daddy was always inebriated.

He would get mad as a March Hare.

Locking us in the basement.

Punching out windows.

Mommy too.

One day she left him for good.

Me too.

He liked to play with me.

He made me play with him too.

I was a little girl.

I don’t remember much.


White Cream

Coming out of his 

Pale Phallic Rod.

Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

Author: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

My name is Inanna Roxanna Arnett. I love writing and I've been told I am good at it. Therefore, I thought this would be the perfect place to start. I mostly write poetry, and my poetry will consist of different topics. All poems and other writings are copyrighted and belong to me. With that said, welcome to my blog. I hope you take away something that will help you with your day to day lives.

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