Skin a Cat

You think I’m a simple daisy.

Crazy pretty much lazy.

How you feel about me

Is oftentimes a bit hazy.

You come behind me.

Shaking your head correcting

What’s already been done.

You forget.

There’s more than one way

to skin a cat, play the lottery, and

make money.

You have a problem with 

‘If it’s not your way, it’s not done right.’

Life is becoming dull, boring, and plain no fun.

At the end of the day.

I wish to pull the trigger and be done.

Written by: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

This was written during a time when I was highly depressed and suicidal. I am no longer in these states of being. 

Author: Inanna Roxanna Arnett

My name is Inanna Roxanna Arnett. I love writing and I've been told I am good at it. Therefore, I thought this would be the perfect place to start. I mostly write poetry, and my poetry will consist of different topics. All poems and other writings are copyrighted and belong to me. With that said, welcome to my blog. I hope you take away something that will help you with your day to day lives.

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